Families’ shock after discovering new neighbour in quiet terrace is far-right murderer

Families in a quiet terrace are in shock after discovering their new neighbour is a far-right murderer who has just served 30 years in a maximum-security jail in the US.

Mark Chapman had grown up in the States after moving from the UK with his family aged five.

But he never got citizenship – and when his jail term ended he was ordered to leave.

He has now set up home on a quiet street in the home counties, just yards from a nursery school, covering his racist tattoos with long sleeves as he strolls in the sunshine.

The convicted killer was part of white supremacist group Aryan Brotherhood and has a rap sheet to chill the spine.

He joined the far-right organisation aged 22 after being jailed for eight years for an armed hold-up at a bank.

Soon after being locked up he stabbed a guard three times, getting a further four years and four months after pleading guilty to second-degree attempted murder.

He was finally given life with a minimum 30 years after he murdered a cellmate for passing the FBI information on the group.

After arriving back in Britain Chapman, now 56, has moved to a smart terrace in Bedford, where primary school children play just 600ft from his front door.

When approached by the Sunday Mirror, he insisted: “My neighbours have nothing to worry about.”

But one woman living nearby told us: “It’s not good. It makes you want to move away.” Echoing her fears, another said bluntly: “It’s shocking.”

Chapman’s deportation to Britain mirrors the UK Government’s expulsion last week of 23 foreign criminals, removed to Albania on a charter flight.

Born in Cambridgeshire, Chapman moved with his parents to Minnesota aged five but was not properly registered – understood to be the reason for his deportation.

His links to the notorious neo-Nazi gang Aryan Brotherhood came in spite of him having a Black wife, with whom he has two children.

Legal documents outline how Chapman had lain in wait and killed his cellmate “with malice aforethought” at Leavenworth medium-security jail in 1990.

It is understood he was moved to a top-security prison after pleading guilty to first-degree murder and being given life.

He and wife Jeanine are using savings to rent their three-bed home. Chapman insists he acted like a white supremacist because he was locked in a “racist facility”.

Jeanine said: “I know my husband, there were things he had to portray to survive.”

Chapman added: “The original crimes were when I was 22. I made no excuses.

“It’s wrong – you know it when you’re doing it. I was delusional. I’m hoping to live a normal life with my wife, playing out our dream as kids of growing old together.”